Please note that these pictures are to represent the thorough job we aspire to do so that you are the most informed about possible repairs that you may need to budget for with your new home. They are not intended to portray anything negative about the home-buying process. We strive to have happy, well-informed customers by giving them the most information that we can.

Roofing, Siding, and Attics

Roof inspection reveals poor roof conditions and bad flashing job
A worn brittle torn pipe boot on a roof
Attic inspection revealed broken vent pipe and sewer gasses leaking through in the attic .
Vinyl Siding that is unhooked and buckling
Rotten chimney chase found during a roof inspection
We check the roof for multiple layers, the condition of the roof, boot flashings, wall flashings, ventilation of the attic, and exhaust fans. We also inspect gutters, siding, windows, and doors

Pipes and HVAC

Corroded and leaking pipes
Insulation missing off of a 
 return line of the central air conditioner
Dirty cooling fins
Corroded pipes and valves
Partially blocked exhaust vent
Dirty cooling fins


Non-functional smoke detector
Open neutral, non-functional GFCI outlet
We open up the electrical panel and check for loose wiring, over burdened breakers, along with other irregularities
Let us help with your inspection and renovation needs!
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